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South West

BARBURY RACECOURSE, Wiltshire. (1992) LH

Location: 3m NW of Marlborough. Main entrance off Marlborough to Broad Hinton Road (10m from Exits 15 & 16, M4). SN8 1RS.  view map

Area: South Midlands; Sandhurst

Meeting(s): Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Club Sunday, 07 December 2014; Vine & Craven (1) - Sunday, 15 February 2015; Tedworth - Sunday, 12 April 2015

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Course Summary: Set well off the road in natural amphitheatre; a gently undulating oblong course; superb downland grass, uphill from before two out; fences well-built; on chalk so gives perfect going in early season. Viewing is superb with the whole course visible from selected spots. Car parking satisfactory with access/exit via long hard track. Paddock is superb. An outstanding venue; the PPORC meeting is a must and the 2 day meeting is now a regular feature of the early weeks of the new season - but sadly lost to the weather for the last two years; the exercise of moving each fence after day one to fresh ground continues to be an excellent achievement.

Start Times, Admission Prices & Special Features: Details are available in Go Pointing, your free weekly guide to the weekend ahead - click here to download your copy. Up-to-the-minute going updates, meeting prospects or cancellations are available on TALKING POINT - call 09068 44 60 61, full rates and details available here.

Entries: Available on the site for Members on the Sunday or Monday before the meeting - click here to learn more about our two Membership packages. Non-members can view from the Friday before the meeting. Entries are also available in the Racing Plus newspaper, plus check Local Press for details. 


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