Jockey coaching and course walk

  • Posted: Thursday, 25th April 2019
  • Author: The PPA
  • Photo: The PPA

Excellent opportunities have arisen for young inexperienced jockeys but will be open for all.

On Saturday, April 14 the PPA embarked on Maisemore Park for their novice and veteran riders meeting. All jockeys taking part in these races were invited to go on a course walk before racing with BHA jockey coach Mark Bradburne. This was a great opportunity for the inexperienced jockeys to gain valuable knowledge and advice from a racing expert, and learn ways to ride the course which will help them in their race situation.

An equicisor was also taken to the course which allowed the jockeys the opportunity to practice their race finish and help tidy themselves up. Jockeys were all given the chance to have a rerun of there race with Mark Bradburne to analyse the race back and gain any appreciated feedback which might have been needed.

The first three jockeys – including Albi Tufnell who won the race – in the club members conditions race attended the course walk that morning. This surely illustrates they may have learnt some vital race knowledge, which may have come into play to help them perform well in the race.

The PPA also organised a jockey coaching session at Oaksey House on Wednesday, April 24. This involved a simulator session with Dominic Elsworth, a nutrition session with Hannah Trotman and a strength and conditioning session with Gavin Egan. All these areas have a huge involvement when being a jockey and play a big role when you want to perform at your best. Six jockeys attended this session and all found it very worthwhile and informative.

It allowed them to tidy up on their race finish and learn how to use the use of the whip more effectively. The nutrition session is great for jockeys who struggle with their weight. They learnt about different ways in managing this problem than just the common method of fasting and dehydration, which is extremely dangerous.

We will look to put on more of these sessions next year at the beginning of the season, which will be more appropriate for jockeys starting to get fit.

The best thing about these sessions are that they welcome every point-to-point rider, whether you're a beginner or someone with heaps of experience.

And they are FREE!