Point-to-Point riders get helping hand

  • Posted: Thursday, 13th September 2018
  • Author: The PPA
  • Photo: The PPA

In preparation for the new competency assessments which will come into place for new riders this 2018/19 season, the PPA recently held free schooling and coaching in Lambourn.

The intention of the day was to prepare the approved BHA Jockey Coaches for the new assessments and allow them to agree standards to ensure consistency. Coaches in attendance included Carl Llewellyn, Dominic Elsworth, Nick Bentley, Rodi Greene, Mark Bradburne and Robert Bellamy. Tim Reed led the session.

The day was well received by all the riders that attended, who were all thrilled to be benefiting – free of charge – from some one-on-one time with expert coaches. Feedback included:

"What a fantastic afternoon!"

"This was my first time over fences on this horse and it's really boosted my confidence that maybe we could have a race together!"

"Fantastic!!! Beaming from ear to ear and now ready to make a plan for the season!"

The PPA would like to thank Oaksey House for hosting the session, as well as all who took part in the day. For a sneak peak at some of the schooling click here: (Thanks to Dom Elsworth for the footage)

Pictured from left: Nick Bentley, Robert Bellamy, Carl Llewellyn, Mark Bradburne, Dom Elsworth, Tim Reed and Rodi Greene