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It is the British Horseracing Authority’s role to ensure the continued health and successful development of the sport. As both the governing and regulatory body it is the British Horseracing Authority’s responsibility to:

  • provide the most compelling and attractive racing in the world;
  • be seen as the world leader in raceday regulation;
  • ensure the highest standards for the sport and participants, on and away from the racecourse;
  • promote the best for the racehorse; and,
  • represent and promote the sport and the industry.

As the governing and regulatory body for the sport, the British Horseracing Authority’s responsibilities are wide-ranging.

e info@britishhorseracing.com t 0207 152 0000 f 0207 152 0089 (General enquiries)


Point-to-Pointing is run under the sanction and regulations of the British Horseracing Authority, while each Meeting is run at a local level by a Hunt or recognised Point-to-Point Club.

The British Horseracing Authority delegates governance of Point-to-Point racing to the Point-to-Point Authority, however retains all regulatory powers and decision making for the sport.

The BHA Point-to-Point department, run by Lucy Price, is the point of contact for enquiries related to:

  • Point-to-Point Regulations/Instructions and Policy
  • Horse and rider eligibility queries / disputes
  • Inspection of courses
  • Riders’ Medical Qualifications
  • Veterinary - Dope Testing and Vaccination Checks
  • Stewards Enquiries, Disciplinary matters and Appeals
  • Arbitration of Entries

w britishhorseracing.com e lprice@britishhorseracing.com t 0207 152 0049 (Point-to-Point enquiries)
The British Horseracing Authority, 75 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LS


The Point-to-Point Secretaries Association (PPSA), as its name would suggest, brings together the Secretaries of each Point-to-Point Meeting under the direction of an Area Secretary, and represents them in dealing with the other organisations involved with the sport.

Chairman, Stephen Howlett e stephen.howlett@openfield.co.uk t 07850 311577
Secretary, Fiona Walker e fionawalker@live.co.uk t 07974 263157

Stephen Howlett

Born in 1952, Stephen is a Company Director and Trustee of various organisations. He is currently a Grain Merchant as well as having commercial farming interests. Together with his family, Stephen has owned Point-to-Pointers for over 20 years and has been involved with organising Point-to-Points for over 40 years. He is a Point-to-Point Judge and Steward, as well as being the Chairman of the East Anglian Area.

The Areas

The UK is divided into 14 Point-to-Point Areas which are represented within the PPSA. Contact details for each Area Secretary are below. Each Area employs its own Public Relations Officer, who is responsible for promoting the sport in their respective Area.

Devon & Cornwall, Gordon Chambers - w p2phorseraces-dc.com e gtc@sawdyeandharris.co.uk t 01364 642755

East Anglia, Mel Sharp (nee Deacon)- w pointingea.com e melsharp@tb-horse.demon.co.uk t 07714 263601

Midlands, Anna Saunders - e anna-saunders@live.co.uk t 07779 145512

Northern, Tony Hogarth - w northernp2p.co.uk e tony@mosshouses.co.uk t 01896 860242

North Western, Nick Bostock - e nick@nickbostock.wanadoo.co.uk t 01630 656461

Sandhurst, Steven Astaire - e stevenastaire@yahoo.co.uk t 07785 112620

South East, Nicky Featherstone - w pointingse.com e nicky_featherstone@hotmail.com t 01732 353518

South Midlands, Ilona Barnett - w pointingsm.co.uk e idb@stratfordracecourse.net

South Wales & Monmouthshire, Liz Egerton - e elizabethegerton@btinternet.com t 07809 502690

Welsh Borders, Liz Morgans- e lizmorgans@mypostoffice.co.uk t 07812852992

Wessex, Rachel Stamp - w pointingwessex.co.uk e rachelstamp30@yahoo.co.uk t 01278 792359

West Midlands, Nickie Sheppard- w pointingwm.co.uk e matthew.sheppard@cmail.co.uk t 01531634846

West Wales, Beverley Thomas - e beverley@puntingbudfarm.co.uk t 01437 767919

Yorkshire, Wayne Burnell - w pointingyorkshire.co.uk e wayne.burnell@btinternet.com t 07775 528771

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