Information for Owners

All the necessary paperwork for Owners and Keepers listed below is available in the Downloads section.

Becoming a Point-to-Point Owner offers you the chance to be part of a unique British sport offering the experience of owning a racehorse in a relaxed and friendly setting. Whilst there aren't official Point-to-Point 'trainers', there are a number of Point-to-Point 'keepers' offering training services and a traditional ownership experience. Alternatively, there is nothing to stop Owners training their own horse if they wish.

This guide takes you through the process of Point-to-Point Ownership from finding a horse and registering it to run to what to expect on the day. If you have any questions about any part of the process, please do contact the relevant office as listed. For general enquiries, contact the PPA Office (01793 781990 - [email protected])

1. Finding a horse
If you are buying your own horse to Point-to-Point, you will need to check that the horse you are interested in is eligible to Point-to-Point. To do this, you should read through the eligibility criteria, which can be downloaded here -Eligibility Criteria 2018-19 *Please note this form states Provisional Criteria at this time

2. Becoming an Owner
Whether you are buying yourself a horse, joining a racing club/syndicate or you already have a horse that you'd like to run in Point-to-Points, it's important for you to know what your responsibilities are as an Owner.

If you have recently purchased a horse with a current Hunter Certificate, you need to make sure that the relevant form below has been completed and sent to the Horse Registry Department at Weatherbys within 30 days of the change of ownership being made;

DEFRA Change of Ownership Form - horses in training

DEFRA Change of Ownership Form - horses out of training *2018-19 forms available soon

Owners of Point-to-Point horses are bound by the Point-to-Point regulations and you should be familiar with these before you run your horse. A copy of these can be downloaded here. (2018-19 copy available soon)

The PPORA is the membership body that represents Owners and Riders in Point-to-Pointing, you can find out more about joining them and the membership benefits by visiting or you can contact them on 01789 415598 - [email protected]

3. Before your horse can race it must have a registered HUNTER CERTIFICATE

The form which can be downloaded here must be completed and returned to Weatherbys before the Hunter Certificate deadline for the meeting you wish to run at (usually 12noon on the Friday a week prior the meeting, but check the planner (see section 4 below)).

The Form requires a signature from a nominated signatory of the Hunt you wish to support. The list of approved signatories can be found here. If the Hunter Certificate is sent in without a correct signature, it will not be registered and will be returned.

A Hunter Certificate must be re-registered for your horse each season.
Hunter Certificates for Hunt Members Races do not have to be registered.

If your horse is being stabled with a Keeper, you may want to register them as an 'Authorised Agent'. This can be done by completing the appropriate section of the Hunter Certificate. Registering your Keeper as an Authorised Agent allows them to not only make entries for the horse, but gives them 'Authority to Act' on the day of the race for which the horse is entered.


Point-to-Point Owners do not need to register their colours officially unless the horse will be running on a licenced racecourse i.e. in Hunter Chases.

For any queries relating to Hunter Certificates, contact:

Weatherbys, Racing Services Department
01933 440077 - [email protected]

4. Now your horse is registered you can CHOOSE A RACE to ENTER

A full list of scheduled Point-to-Point races and their conditions are available in The Planner **next season's Planner available November 2018 - which is available to purchase by visiting the Shop page of the website or or calling the Point-to-Point Racing Company on 01933 304795. It also includes useful information for owners including National Championships and an abridged version of the regulations.

When your horse's Hunter Certificate has been registered you will receive a confirmation letter which contains details on how to log onto the on-line entries system. You can enter all races through this system, or by contacting the receiver of entries as stated in The Planner.

There are eight types of race in Point-to-Pointing. Definitions for these can be found here (1 & 2). *2018-19 Definitions available soon

5. What to expect on the day

Once you've entered your horse you'll receive a letter from the course along with your passes explaining what to expect. Every Point-to-Point course is entirely unique so you won't have the same experience at any two courses.

If you are travelling your horse yourself, don't forget the passport and check the vaccinations are all in order well before running.

Once you arrive at the course you may want to;

  • Find your keeper/horse and make sure all is OK
  • Walk the course to check the going is suitable
  • Check the rider has arrived – make sure they are happy and have walked the course themselves
  • Check other declarations for your race in the secretaries tent

Either the Owner or the 'Authorised Agent' must declare the horse at least 45 minutes before the race. To fill out the declaration form you need to know the name of the race, name of the horse, name of the rider, any applicable Club membership details, items such as tongue ties/blinkers etc. You also need to make sure you declare the correct weight, and colours, and state any allowances or penalties that the horse should be carrying.

Now it's time to enjoy the racing until it's time to get ready for your race. Whoever is in charge of saddling up will need to meet the rider to pick up the saddle – remember it is the Owners' responsibility to ensure that the horse is carrying the correct weight.

Horses are due in the paddock at least 15 minutes before the race, so make sure you are there to watch your horse parade and meet the keeper (if you have one) and rider to talk tactics. Then it's time to watch the race!

The Winners Enclosure

If your horse is placed, congratulations! You'll be able to make your way back into the paddock to meet the rider to get a debrief, then make sure they weigh-in. If your horse has won, make sure you stay around for the prize giving. A thank you to the race sponsor who will present you with your prizes, is always appreciated!

Your horse may be tested by the BHA veterinary officers – usually a urine sample is taken, but sometimes they require a blood sample.

Now enjoy the rest of your day at the races!

Horse Sponsorship

The PPA's Horse Sponsorship Scheme enables owners to receive sponsorship from a business in return for advertising. Once registered a sponsor's name will appear in the racecard whenever the horse is entered and logos can be placed on the paddock sheet, across the chest and neck of the owners colours and on horse attendant's clothing.

Set sponsorship amounts of a minimum of £150 per horse and maximum of £950 are in place which should be paid directly to the owner. There is a registration fee of £55.20 which can be paid with the Hunter Certificate or afterwards via the HSS1 form.

Full details of the scheme can be found here;

Guidelines for Owners & Potential Sponsors

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the PPA who will be happy to help - 01793 781990 - [email protected]