Information for Owners

All the necessary paperwork for Owners and Keepers is available in the Downloads section.

Owners need to be aware that changes to ownership are subject to DEFRA regulations; if you intend to sell your horse or have recently purchased one, you need to make sure that one of the forms below has been completed and sent to the Horse Registry Department at Weatherbys within 30 days of the change of ownership being made.

Hunter Certificates

In order to register a Hunter Certificate (HC) you will need to complete the Hunter Certificate form and return before the Hunter Certificate deadline for the desired meeting (the document can be completed on your computer).

  • Hunter Certificate 2017-18 (coming soon)

The Form still requires a signature from the qualifying Hunt and must be signed after 1st November.

The Hunter Certificate includes the option to register an 'Authorised Keeper', formerly known as the 'trainer'. By registering a Keeper, Owners will be able to authorise him/her to not only make entries for the horse, but also give the Keeper Authority to Act on the day of the race for which the horse is entered.

Important: Anyone other than the Registered Owner of the horse must have a registered Authority to Act in order to make entries either by telephone or online.

Owners wishing to grant Authority to Act to their nominated Keeper can do so by ticking the appropriate box at the head of the form. This will link the horse to the Keeper's account, thus permitting him or her to enter the horse in any meeting. It will also mean the Keeper's name is included on a weekly list, along with the details of the horses for which they have Authority to Act for, which is sent to secretaries ahead of their fixtures so the Declaration Teams are aware thus removing the need for an Authority to Act (A2A) form to be lodged on the day of the race.

If an owner does not want to avail the Keeper of the entry system and therefore Authority to Act, then as per Regulation 111 (i) he/she must provide an Authority to Act (A2A) form should they wish someone other than themself to be eligible to declare the horse or act on the day of the race on their behalf. In this instance it is strongly recommend the A2A form is kept with the passport which accompanies the horse as this is a mandatory requirement.

The A2A form can be downloaded from the Downloads section or obtained from the PPA office which, once completed and signed, must be produced every time the horse is declared by someone other than the owner.

Under the Regulations for Point-to-Points, entrance money if so required must be paid by the time fixed for closing of entries. An online entries facility is available to owners for all fixtures via the Point-to-Point Racing Company and can be accessed by clicking here.

Each Hunt has nominated two signatories - any HC presented for registration without either of the signatures kept on file by the PPA/Weatherbys will not be registered and will be returned to the Owner.

To help with this, the nominated signatories for the qualifying Hunts are listed in the downloadable document below with their contact details (if permission has been granted to advertise them).

Please make sure that you contact the relevant person at the Hunt with which you have qualified your horse(s) to arrange for them to provide signatures on the HC form.

Once signed the HC(s) need to be sent to Weatherbys along with the relevant payment so as to be registered.

Horses for which HCs are registered on a Friday by 12noon are then eligible to be entered for any Point-to-Point meeting for which Entries close on or after the immediately following weekend.

Please note: HCs for Hunt Members Races do not have to be registered.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Point-to-Point Racing Company who will be happy to help – 01933 304795 /

Horse Sponsorship Scheme

The HSS allows individual horse sponsorship within Point-to-Point Racing.

For sponsors the purpose of the scheme is to promote your business. Every time your sponsored horse is entered and runs in a Point-to-Point race your business name is being exposed:

  • in the Racecard and
  • optionally on the paddock rug and/or the attendants jacket both before and after the race
  • optionally on the chest and/or the neck of the owners colours

Up to a maximum of 20 horses can be covered within one sponsorship agreement.

For detailed information about the scheme and to download the registration form, please click on the following links:

How Does It Work?
Minimum values have been set by the Point-to-Point Authority to ensure the commercial nature of any sponsorship contract. The minimum sponsorship payment is £300 per horse. The maximum is £950.

Following payment of this to the Owner of the horse, your sponsorship contract will be valid for one season. The Point-to-Point season runs from 27th November 2016 until 30th June 2017.

Any Business may sponsor Point-to-Point horses so long as their services or products do not contravene the OFCOM Code of Advertising Standards and Practice 9, see below.

The OFCOM Code of Advertising Standards prohibits the following products and services: all tobacco products, breath-testing devices, the occult, private investigation agencies, commercial services advising on personal or consumer problems, guns and gun clubs, pornography and betting or gaming organisations.

In order to reclaim VAT your sponsorship agreement must be registered with Weatherbys. This is normally done by the Owner at the same time as the horse's eligibility for Point-to-Pointing is registered (known as the Hunter Certificate). The PPA charges the owner of the horse(s) a fee for each sponsorship contract registered.

For 2016/17 this fee is £51.94 incl. VAT. NB. Owing to space limitations in racecards your business name must not exceed 45 characters (including spaces).

Weatherbys will send a letter of confirmation to the Owner confirming your business name has been registered as the appropriate horse Sponsor. You should request a copy of this letter from the Owner together with a copy of the Hunter Certificate so you can provide evidence of the sponsorship if required.

It is important to understand that occasionally, the horse that you have sponsored may become injured and unable to race during the season. Unfortunately, the sponsorship payment is non-refundable. However, the PPA recommends Owners still enter the horse at least once. In this way you will obtain a small amount of promotion in a racecard.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the PPA who will be happy to help - 01793 781990 /