Wednesday, 12th May 2021

Weston & Banwell Harriers
at Cothelstone, Somerset

Going: Good, becoming Soft

16:30 Conditions (Level 2)

3m 12st (10 runners)

Full result
1 Famous Clermont (FR) 8/11F Tommie O'Brien
2 Country Legend (GB) 5/1 T. Bishop
3 Copain de Classe (FR) 5/1 Miss N. Parker
Time 6mins 17.0s
Distances 6, 3
Winning Trainer Christopher Barber
Winning Owner D Biddiscombe, B Rousell, E Collins

17:00 Maiden (Div 1)

2m4f 12st (11 runners)

Full result
1 Risk And Co (FR) 12/1 E. David
2 Coastal Capers (IRE) 8/1 G. Hiscock
3 Evron (FR) 5/4F J. Newman
Time 5mins 17.3s
Distances 6, s.h
Winning Trainer Gareth Moore
Winning Owner Mr K. Pritchard

17:30 Maiden (Div 2)

2m4f 12st (10 runners)

Full result
1 Lassue (GB) evensF Jack Andrews
2 Safe Harbour (IRE) 6/1 Tommie O'Brien
3 Park This One (IRE) 5/1 J. Newman
Time 5mins 13.3s
Distances 1½, 20
Winning Trainer Will Biddick
Winning Owner The Nuttall Family (Mr R. Nuttall)

18:00 CA Club Members Conditions (Level 1) Novice Riders 7yo&up

3m 12st (8 runners)

Full result
1 Knight Bachelor (GB) 5/2 Miss Georgie Benson
2 Alternatif (FR) 10/1 Otis Morgan
3 The Last But One (IRE) evensF C. Houlihan
Time 6mins 27.9s
Distances 5, ¾
Winning Trainer Alan Hill
Winning Owner The Cranfield Family (Mr R. Cranfield)

18:30 Skinner's Ladies Open

3m 11st (8 runners)

Full result
1 Virak (FR) 2/5F Miss N. Parker
2 Shometheway (IRE) 5/2 Miss Hannah Lewis
3 Sonneofpresenting (IRE) 10/1 Miss S. Rippon
Time 6mins 30.4s
Distances 12, ¾
Winning Trainer Sam Loxton
Winning Owner Mr Clive Hitchings & Mr Paul Nicholls

19:00 Mens Open

3m 12st (5 runners)

Full result
1 Thumb Stone Blues (IRE) 5/4J James King
2 Chameron (FR) 5/4J Jack Andrews
Time 6mins 33.2s
Winning Trainer James King
Winning Owner Mr J. S. Warner

19:30 Restricted

3m 12st (10 runners)

Full result
1 Staple Head (IRE) 3/1 James King
2 Stevan Steel (IRE) 20/1 D. Edwards
3 Lucky Lucarno (GB) 8/1 Tommie O'Brien
Time 6mins 44.2s
Distances 18, 7
Winning Trainer Michael Bowen
Winning Owner Mr P. Bowen

20:00 Maiden Conditions

3m 12st (10 runners)

Full result
1 The Kitchenmecanic (IRE) 8/1 D. Andrews
2 Jasmin des Bordes (FR) 6/4F Robert Hawker
3 Borrowed An Blue (IRE) 5/1 B. Gibbs
Time 7mins 02.0s
Distances ¾, 6
Winning Trainer Teresa Clark
Winning Owner The Notre Cheval KM Partnership (Mr P. Browne)

Distances and Going supplied by M.Harris.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021


Going: unknown

19:40 Bruce Farms "Grassroots" (Corinthian Spirit Qual. HC

2m7f 11st12lbs (6 runners)

1 Point The Way (IRE) 0/0 W. Easterby
2 Killer Crow (IRE) 0/0 Miss C. Dun
3 Son of Suzie (GB) 0/0 Miss A. Waugh
Distances 6½, 27
Winning Trainer Freya Brewer
Winning Owner Mr C. H. Brewer

Distances and Going supplied by M.Harris.