British Horse Racing Authority (BHA)

Point-to-Pointing is run under the sanction and regulations of the British Horseracing Authority, while a Hunt or recognised Point-to-Point Club runs each Meeting at a local level.

The British Horseracing Authority delegates governance of Point-to-Point racing to the Point-to-Point Authority; however, it retains all regulatory powers and decision-making for the sport.

The BHA Point-to-Point department is the point of contact for enquiries related to:

  • Point-to-Point Regulations/Instructions and Policy
  • Horse and rider eligibility queries/disputes
  • Inspection of courses
  • Riders' Medical Qualifications
  • Veterinary - Dope Testing and Vaccination Checks
  • Stewards Enquiries, Disciplinary Matters and Appeals
  • Arbitration of Entries
0207 152 0049 (Point-to-Point enquiries)
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